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2014-MSRT Program Final Meeting
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July 7th, 2015, School of Computer Science holds the summary meeting in room 2010. Vice Dean, Lu Jianfeng, direction of msrt program, Wei Songjie and class adviser, Tian Ye as well as 12 msrt fellows.

Firstly, Dean Lu congratulated msrt students for their success in passing the year-one examination and recognized the hardworking of all 12 msrt-2014 students. Dean Lu also said that the healthy development of the msrt program relies heavily on the hardworking of faculties and also needs advice and suggestions of students. Then all 12 students shared their experience with each other and gave great advice to facilities.

Then, Tian passed the leaving school application of all students.

Director of MSRT, Dr. Wei shared his living experience in US with students.

After the meeting, all of the attendees went to Cheese Time and had a great lunch time.




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