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Prof. Mel Siegel Came to NUST to Assess MSRT 2014 Students
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Recently, Prof. Mel Siegel and global project manager Rachel Burcin from Carnegie Mellon University arrived in NUST to assess twelve MSRT 2014 students about their first-year study.

Since 2011, CMU’s Robotics Institute and NUST started a double-degree master's program in engineering and robotics technology. This joint program aims to cultivate leaders in robotic technology with global horizon. This program is divided into 2 years. Students will spend one year on NUST campus. After passing the year-one examination provided by CMU’s faculty, students are eligible to pursue second-year student in CMU, Pittsburgh. At present, 3 sessions of students have graduated from CMU. Many students joined famous international companies like Oracle, City bank. Some students continued to take PhD programs in the US.

There are 12 students in 2014. Number of Students reached its highest since the program. After the hardworking of students and NUST faculties, all students passed the year-one examination and will start their 2rd year study in CMU, Pittsburgh.



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